Mockup of device in use, for parkbot project


ParkBot is an app that sorts, plans and assigns parking spots daily within user time frame needs and accessibility options efficiently so all users to get a spot.

park in no time.

App created to help regular parkers find a spot efficiently to help restrict waiting time and delays.

ideation and process.

ParkBot shortens your parking searching time. It provides an automated parking assignment as soon as you are spotted near a parking area. It deals with the parking pay, along with other features designed specifically upgrade your experience.

Photo of parkbot's creation process

system and flow.

Car owners needed a way to get to work faster without having to search or wait for a parking spot when going to work or school.

Photo of parkbot's development and system

aesthetics and visual design.

ParkBot was designed in a collaborative team to help better the lives of car owners with restricted time. ParkBot the bot was also created as a way to humanize and be interactive, as an effort to connect in a personal manner with the users.


ParkBot's colour pallete was sourced by Google Material Guidelines. These colours where carefully selected in order to represent elegance that users come to appreciate when dealing with a new app.

Photo of parkbot's colours


Roboto is the standard typeface for Android and it is the perfect choice because of it's legibility at any size.

Photo of parkbot's typographical hierarchy and font used'


An elegant and clean approach was used when creating the app's iconography. The icons where designed to be easily recognizable and intuitive even to first time users.

Photo of parkbot's iconography library

usability experience and task flow.

ParkBot was created as an effort to help assist and guide users to start their day with one less thing to worry about. With automated parking assignment, interactive assistance and one tap parking pay.

auto parking.

ParkBot will automatically select a spot and let you know where you can find a parking spot nearest you.

Photo of parkbot being used

accessibility first.

Submit your accessible parking permit to our system. Parkbot will let you know exactly where the nearest accessibility parking can be found.

Photo of parkbot being used

one step update.

Pay exactly for how long you’re there for. If you choose weekly, semesterly or annual, it is an automatic payment connected to Google Pay. Never have to worry about finding the parking meter ever again.

get assistance.

ParkBot is here to help. Wherever you are, what ever the issue may be, ParkBot is ready to assist you. ParkBot will remember where you parked your car so you don't have to.